An accident has been reported on the Interstate 10 near Phoenix in Arizona.  The accident took place in the early morning on Wednesday, during rush hour.  The initial reports of the accident indicate that a sports utility vehicle was driving the wrong way down a road.  The SUV then collided with a semi-trailer on the Interstate.

Injuries have been reported at the scene of the accident and emergency crews have responded, however the initial details of the injuries are unavailable.  Traffic was slowed to a crawl as emergency workers and crews responded.  

More information should soon be released in relation to this accident. 

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  • May 31, 2009 @ 11:02 pm

    I wonder why Mr. ‘Rubber Duck’ didn’t get out of the way of the car. I know that I could have and would have done so. Those truckers’ are as dumb as sand, that’s why. I drove a truck for 4 yrs., and I grew too hate each and everyone of them. They are a plague. Their idiocy rubs off on everyone and everything they get near too. That trucker was transfixed by the sight of another car going the wrong way, and he collided with it, instead of getting out of the way

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