Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Tom Cotter

Personal Injury -- Insurance Bad Faith -- Medical Malpractice

José de Jesús Rivera

Former U.S. Attorney for Ariz. -- Personal Injury -- Criminal Defense

Peter Timoleon Limperis

Personal Injury -- Medical Malpractice -- Defamation

Jeff Imig

Personal Injury -- Medical Malpractice

Nathan J. Fidel

Personal Injury -- Water Rights -- Tribal Law

Aaron Hall

Personal Injury -- Tribal Law -- Medical Malpractice

Heather Goodwin

Personal Injury -- Medical Malpractice -- Business Litigation

Zubin M. Kottoor

Personal Injury -- Business Litigation

Medical Malpractice

Healthcare providers are highly respected members of the community. As patients, we literally trust them with our lives. When this trust is betrayed, it can be devastating on many levels. Patients can be severely injured – not only physically, but emotionally as well.

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