A Tucson woman claims extremely important information that has disappeared from the Arizona Medical Board website could cost Arizona residents their lives.  The hospital used to list medical malpractice awards and settlements involving their doctors on their website for would-be patients to view.  Now that valuable information is gone. 

The Tucson woman wants heart patients to be able to read about what happened to her late husband at the Tucson Heart Hospital.  When her husband died of a heart attack five years ago, she sued the hospital and her husband's doctor for malpractice.  Four years later, a jury found the hospital and the cardiologist played a part in the man's death and awarded his wife $1 million.  

Information involving each and every Arizona malpractice case used to be available on the Arizona Medical Board website.  But right now there is no listing of malpractice on the website for the persecuted cardiologist.  The Arizona State Medical Board told a Tucson news station that the information was removed from their site two years ago when they went to a new database.  It has not yet been restored.  The board claims that, in the future, the only malpractice cases that will be posted will be the ones in which the medical board persecutes the doctor.

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