Basic Auto Safety

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Automobiles are so common, and have been so common for so long, that we as a society seem to have become unmoved about owning them. They have become so mundane that we fail to recognize the inherent dangers that go along with traveling in them.

Automobiles can be deadly. Every year, nearly 40,000 Americans die in automobile accidents, and another 3 million are injured in these tragic events. According to an American Automobile Association report from 2008, auto accidents cost Americans over $150 billion annually. Once you see these numbers, you should realize just how dangerous and expensive car wrecks really are and why making the extra effort to be safe on the road is so important.

Safe Driving

All drivers need to do their part to reduce the dangers of the road. You can help out by following these tips for safer driving:

    • Buckle up. You’ve heard it a million times, but it really does save lives. About half of the fatalities resulting from car accidents could have been prevented by wearing a seat belt. Wearing one can prevent devastating and expensive injuries. How can you afford not to buckle up?
    • Pay attention to the road. Watch the other cars and anticipate other drivers’ actions and reactions. Keep an eye out especially in adverse weather conditions. Being able to see what’s coming your way can make a huge difference in ensuring that you arrive at your destination safely.
    • Be familiar with the driver’s handbook. You can pick one up at a DMV office. The driver’s handbook will tell you all about the details of safe, responsible driving.

Being a conscientious steward of the road can make you and everyone around you more likely to get to where they need to go safely.