Bridge Collapse

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We rely on bridges to facilitate convenient transportation when there is a physical obstacle, like a river, between two places. Most of the time, we don’t think twice about the possibility of them collapsing. We trust engineers to do their jobs reliably and ensure that bridges are designed in a safe and sturdy manner. If they work negligently, however, many lives are put at risk.

Bridge collapse is one of the most dangerous types of structural failure that can occur. When a bridge gives way, everyone supported by it will fall a significant distance where they may face injury or even

Causes of Bridge Collapse

When designing a bridge, engineers and planners must take many different items into account – extreme wind and weather conditions, maximum loading situations, various types of dynamic loading conditions, vibration amplification, and more. They must also consider how the bridge will change over time due to repeated, applied stress and general wear and tear. An adequate maintenance schedule must be set, based on these items.

If design flaws are overlooked or maintenance is not performed on a regular basis, then the bridge may be at risk of caving in unexpectedly. Such errors are unacceptable, and those who are harmed by a bridge collapse have the right to take legal action against the responsible party.