Cosmetic Surgery Risks

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Because there is so much emphasis nowadays on having the perfect body image, many people choose to “go under the knife” and receive a cosmetic operation. Advances in the medical world have made plastic surgery a viable and affordable option for those eager to improve their aesthetics. As with other medical operations, however, there are a number of risks associated with these invasive procedures. Those considering cosmetic surgery should familiarize themselves with these hazards before they make their decisions.

Being Aware of the Dangers

There are a number of dangers associated with cosmetic surgery. Some of them are posed during any type of operation – aesthetic or not – while a number of others are linked to specific plastic surgeries:

    • Poor reaction to anesthesia
    • Blood loss or clotting
    • Sudden drop in blood pressure
    • Infections
    • Hematomas
    • Necrosis
    • Temporary or permanent numbness
    • Seromas

Of course, should a negligent physician perform your surgery, you may run a much higher risk of suffering the dangerous consequences of a cosmetic operation gone awry. Doctors and technicians who are not paying attention or who are undertrained are less likely to respond to an adverse situation in time to remedy it. As a result, the patient may suffer devastating and potentially fatal effects.