University of Evansville student Abby Guerra was said to be dead according to authorities. As family flew in for the funeral, the medical examiner double-checked fingerprint records and realized a terrible mistake had been made. 21-year-old Marlena Cantu was dead. Her friend Abby Guerra was alive and fighting for her life.

According to KSDK, "Guerra was a passenger in a vehicle with four of her friends last Sunday
driving back to Arizona from Disneyland when the SUV apparently blew a
tire and flipped on Interstate 10, about 50 miles from the family's home
in Glendale." Two of the passengers died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash. One of those was supposedly Abby Guerra until authorities identified their mistake. So far, they have not figured out just how the mistake was made.

KSDK writes that the girl's injuries were so severe that it was tough to tell who she was, which is probably why Cantu's parents were able to sit by her bedside for so long without realizing that this was not their daughter.


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