The government announced a recall of more than 500,000 bassinets Wednesday.


According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, consumers should take extra care when using one of 500,000 Burlington Basket Company Bassinets. The agency said in a statement that if not properly locked into position, the bassinets can collapse, causing infants to fall to the floor or fall within the bassinet and suffer injuries.


The company and the Consumer Product Safety Commission urged parents to stop using the bassinets until they are sure the cross-bracing rails are locked properly. The Iowa-based Burlington Basket Company announced plans to add new warning labels to the bassinets. The company is also offering a video showing proper assembly.


There have been 10 reported incidents of bassinets collapsing, two of which resulted in injuries to infants.


The bassinets were sold at Wal-Mart and other mass merchandisers between January 2003 through August 2010.


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