ABC 15 reports that a black Camaro made a sudden U-turn while speeding. According to ABC 15, "Authorities say the driver lost control of the vehicle just east of Foster Road, went left of center and was struck broadside by a half ton pickup occupied by a family from Polacca, Arizona."

The black Camaro was fleeing from police. A deputy reports that the driver was not driving safely, leading him to believe that the driver may have been under the influence. The deputy, who drove a marked police vehicle, turned on both his siren and lights. Neither one prompted the Camaro to stop.

ABC 13 reports that, "According to the Sheriff's Office, the injuries to an elderly female in the pickup truck and the driver of the Camaro appeared to be serious, but it was not immediately known if the injuries were life-threatening." The accident is still being investigated by authorities.

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