Jury awards $1.125 million for wrongful death against HOA

Retired Chief Justice Stanley Feldman

Miller, Pitt, Feldman & McAnally and the Lloyd Law Group recently obtained a $1.125 million verdict in a wrongful death case against a condominium homeowner’s association. Our firm was brought into the case in 2012 when the trial court granted summary judgment in favor of the defendant HOA. Stanley Feldman and Timothy Stackhouse successfully appealed the trial court’s decision.

 In 2015, the trial court again granted summary judgment for the defendant, and Justice Feldman and Mr. Stackhouse were again successful in the Court of Appeals.

Tim Stackhouse

The case finally went to trial in February 2019. At issue was the cause of a fatal fire. Through the course of a seven-day trial, Art Lloyd of the Lloyd Law Group and Mr. Stackhouse established that the cause of the fire was defective electrical wiring located in the space between the floors of the condominium units, an area that was under the control of the defendant HOA. The jury returned a verdict finding the defendant HOA to be 75% at fault, and the total damages to be $1.5 million.