An Illinois woman has filed a product liability lawsuit claiming she bit into and chewed a piece of glass inside her spicy McChicken sandwich at a McDonald's restaurant.


According to court documents, Vjolla Lecaj claims that on August 5, 2010 she was injured after she bit into a McChicken sandwich that unknowingly contained a large shard of glass. The lawsuit contends that the restaurant failed to properly inspect and maintain processing and cooking equipment.


 Lecaj has filed a 12-count lawsuit against the Oak Lawn, Illinois restaurant where she purchased the sandwich, McDonald's Corporation, McDonald's USA, LLC., and JDD Investment Company. She is seeking more than $600,000 in damages. The lawsuit claims Lecaj sustained severe and permanent oral injuries as well as great pain and anguish as a result of the glass. 


McDonald's Corporation has not released a statement regarding the lawsuit.



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