An 81-year old Tucson man who caused a car accident this past Saturday later caused two more accidents on Monday.

On Saturday, the man drove eastbound on 22nd Street when officials believe he had a seizure, causing him to lose control, crash into the entrance of Octopus Carwash, and pin a 71-year old woman.  The woman suffered two broken legs.

The police say they were in the process of having his license medically revoked when he caused two more accidents on Monday.  

Monday, the Tucson police say the man rear ended a vehicle, proceeded to back up, then pulled forward and hit the vehicle once more.  He continued to drive, pulling into a nearby intersection and t-boned a second vehicle.  The man left the scene and was followed by a witness to University Medical Center, where he said he had to pick up his wife.

The Tucson police charged the man with three counts of leaving the scene of an accident and are currently further reviewing the accidents.

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