A 23 year-old Tucson man recently brought his suit against the University Medical Center to trial after the hospital allegedly removed a testicle without the proper grounds to do so.

According to the plaintiff, the hospital informed the man that the biopsy on his right testicle would end in its removal if the surgeon found the testicle to be cancerous. The doctor had found a peculiar mass during an ultrasound, and wanted to ensure that the seemingly tumorous growth was not malignant. Following the procedure, the patient awoke to find the testicle missing, and assumed that it was cancerous. However, in a follow-up discussion with his physician, the man learned that the mass was not cancerous.

The hospital has defended their actions, claiming that they told the plaintiff that the surgery was specifically an excisional biopsy prior to the procedure. A nurse corroborated the doctor's claim, stating that the plaintiff told the nurse that he was there to have the testicle removed.

Currently, the trial is underway.

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