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Reckless driving is an extremely dangerous act that has a high potential to cause serious injury and property damage. Motor vehicle operators who drive recklessly exhibit what is known in law as “willful disregard for others’ safety” when behind the wheel. These drivers tend to ignore common and accepted driving practice, traffic signals and regulations, and pedestrians or other vehicles. Typically, reckless driving will result in some sort of motor vehicle accident.

If you have been injured in a car wreck that has resulted from reckless driving by another individual, then you deserve to pursue damages. The Tucson, Phoenix, and Flagstaff reckless driving lawyers of Miller, Pitt, Feldman & McAnally, PLC can help you learn more about your legal rights. Please contact our offices today to schedule a consultation.

What is reckless driving?

Reckless driving, as mentioned above, is the act of driving with a disregard for other people and their safety. While it appears to be connected in some way to one’ psychological well-being, scientists have yet to pinpoint the cause of these actions. Typically, drivers who operate their vehicles in the following manners can be cited for reckless driving:

  • Driving 25 mph or more over the speed limit
  • Racing on a public roadway
  • Attempting to escape from a law enforcement officer
  • Dangerous passing on a two-lane highway

The following actions, while alone do not equate to acts of reckless driving, may be considered reckless driving when two or more of them are performed at the same time:

  • Speeding
  • Traffic Offenses
  • Driving without headlights
  • Negligent driving

If you have been involved in an accident that was caused by any of the above, then you may have been a victim of reckless driving. Please call the Tucson, Phoenix, and Flagstaff reckless driving attorneys of Miller, Pitt, Feldman & McAnally, PLC today to learn more about how we can help you assess your legal rights in this situation.

Punishment for Reckless Driving

The penalties for reckless driving may be quite severe, depending on the circumstances surrounding the conviction. Offenders may face the following punishments:

  • Misdemeanor criminal record
  • Incarceration
  • Fines
  • Suspension of driver’s license


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