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People work hard to afford the insurance coverage they need for themselves and their families. All they want is the security of knowing they will not be bankrupted by an unexpected injury or illness. Sadly, when they turn to their insurance companies for much-needed assistance, they are often unable to find the safety net they expected.

Tucson, Phoenix, and Flagstaff insurance bad faith lawyers Miller, Pitt, Feldman & McAnally, P.C., are deeply concerned about individuals and families who find themselves in this situation. We are committed to holding insurance companies responsible for the amounts they owe to clients.

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What is Bad Faith?

Insurance companies act in bad faith when they choose to go against the best interests of their customers. A few examples of tactics these companies will sometimes use include:

Understanding how these tactics work is usually fairly simple. What many people find difficult to understand is why a company would betray its clients’ trust. The truth is that despite the promises they make in their advertisements, insurance companies are not there just to help you. They are businesses designed to turn a profit.

Even upstanding insurance companies can only turn a profit by paying out less than they collect from customers. Unprincipled companies will try to maximize their profits by paying out as little as they possibly can, even if it goes against their legal obligations. Fortunately, a Tucson and Phoenix bad faith insurance claim lawyer can help you fight back against these unfair tactics.

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