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Dropping your children off at school each day can be a worrisome event. While you trust that those caring for your young ones are going to properly watch over them, there is never a complete guarantee that they will do so. Too often, school district negligence results in the unnecessary pain and suffering of children at the very place they are meant to be nurtured and given opportunities to flourish and grow.

If your child has been harmed as the result of school district negligence, the Tucson, Phoenix, and Flagstaff school district negligence attorneys of Miller, Pitt, Feldman & McAnally, P.C., would like to help. Contact us today to learn more about your options from an experienced legal professional.

Types of School District Negligence

Our Tucson school district negligence attorneys have experience representing a wide variety of clients harmed through various forms of negligence. There are many ways in which school districts can act negligently, placing your loved ones in harm’s way. These include:

    • Failing to properly maintain school facilities
    • Failing to properly screen and train educators and staff members
    • Failing to properly supervise employees
    • Failing to address campus safety issues, such as bullying or teacher neglect

If your child has been subjected to any of the above forms of negligence, he or she may have suffered emotionally or physically. This pain must be accounted for. It is imperative that the parties responsible for causing harm to your child are punished for their negligence.

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